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THIS DISCOVERY COULD BE ITALIAN Pseudomonas increases metastasis Paolo Pelini

THIS DISCOVERY COULD BE ITALIAN Pseudomonas increases metastasis Paolo Pelini: In 2001 I had theorized a possible relationship with between some forms of bacteria pseudomonas with the possible formation of certain types of lung tumors and metastases and had shown that relationship pseudomonas / metastasis with an experiment with Saccharomyces Cervisiae + Pseudomonas bacteria that for the appundo showed that the pseudomonas bacteria causing the yeast Saccharomyces aggregates similar to metastasis. I asked the help of my country in order to start a official testing that confirmed my data and I even start a petition filed in both the room Social Affairs Committee that the Senate Committee on Health and Health as well as ad'aver interested institutions and political round but from my country nothing but some threat from any teacher: "If the minister makes start searching write a strong letter of protest against her! "or" you could play career " well now part of my research was initiated and confirmed another state precisamene the Republic of Korea has confirmed that what I supported at least in part from about 17 years with my experiment. In facts Korea has shown that infection by Pseudomonas induce metastatizazzioni Now I have a question to my country which has proved latitate because it gave me a chance to prove my research: who pays for not having started an experiment that could all be Italian? who pays to have deterred a person with more or less veiled threats? but especially those who pay for giving yet another discovery that could be made in Italy ad'un more been? I resent the Email to Italian institutions to request that at least you can save the rest of the search that I have developed starting as soon as possible experimentation with the data I harvest. I ask the Italian institutions and politicians to give me a chance to prove my research I hope that this time the institutions are collaborative. What has happened shows that in fact what I said is true Italy is a caste that blocks Youth and must be eradicated as soon as possible or Italy in the field of science will be exceeded by all. I appeal to the National Press, I ask you to give prominence the news finally to raise the issue in Italy. Pres Paul Pelini Political Movement Online Center Right MRSI MOVEMENT ITALIAN RESEARCH LETTER TO THE MAXIMUM AUTHORITY 'STATE: Recipients Prime Minister Mario Monti, President of the Senate Renato Schifani, President of the Chamber Gian Franco Fini, Chairman of the Committee on Culture Room, Chair of the Health and Senate Health, Chairman of the Social Affairs Committee Room, Chairman Senate Committee on Education, Ministry of Health, Minister of Research Bouquet Beware of the Cortese Distinguished Authorities I would like to ask for your intervention on the start or at least funding opportunities and other systems to initiate a experimentation on my own research as I wrote about 5 years ago could lead to an explanation of some forms of lung cancer which according to my studies can be attributed to bacteria of the genus Pseudomonas aeruginosa. I hope you remember I walked at the time a petition filed in both houses of parliament (XII Social Affairs Commission Petition 533 of 12.12.2008 and the Hygiene and Saita no. 903 date 11.03.2009) to start this experiment and contacted institutions research such as CNR and ISS and of course the Ministry of Health and I was fortunate to speak with Maria Eugenia Roccella On the PDL then Secretaries of Health that is very interested in my case. Then I also spoke with the manager to finance young researchers, as the ministry sent me a letter told me that I was attending that contest. And the manager told me that I had to find the support of my teacher. Which I did but did not succeed in fact I was invited to desist and 'wait a degree and then find someone to share the merits of my research, adding that if the then Minister Fazio had begun testing this teacher would write a strong letter of protest against me, cutting the legs of fact. Now the reason I write is that surfing on the internet 3Adoi%%% 2F10.1371 2Fjournal.ppat.1000561 I found that in Korea showed part of my research and namely that the bacterium Pseudomonas can lead to the formation of metastases or increase them for elimination of NK lymphocytes. What I had theorized the part too. At this point in the light of these facts ask for action to ensure that we can start in Italy experimentation of my research to confirm in full to see me and acknowledged the paternity that falls to me for a work of more than 10 years and avoid all the work of an Italian end for the umpteenth time abroad. I remain at your disposal for any clarification Sincerely and Best Regards